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About Us

  Power-Time was formed in 2004 located in Shenzhen, China, started with radio electronic products, delicated to provide customs with products that will always be on connection whenever there is a need. We have always been implenmented the collectivized development mode, and sticks to export-oriented and technology innovation.


 At the beginning of 2020, we suffer COVID-19. We saw countless photos of medical workers fighting against the COVID-19. They always wore goggles which were full of water drops after they finished work. They work long hours, have blurred vision, and their eyes are hot and moist, which is breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.


 Mrs Sherry Xie, founder of Shenzhen Power-Time Technology Co.,Ltd saw the plight of the medical staff and decided to develop comfortable goggles. That's the most important reason why POWER-TIME decied to develop and manufacture the medical supplies.


Power-Time is strongly committed to provide quality products and excellent after sales service to our customers.



Customer Ever Said

PowerTime is very noticeable Company on Russian Radio Market. I would say PowerTime is even famous here for the best quality and price correlation. That why I thought my Friend from Europe can also know you. -- Boris Yakovlev

You always can give me the quickest reply and satisfied solution -- Daniel Chang