How to protect yourself from COVID-19?

April 27, 2020


There are several measures to protect yourself from getting the novel Coronavirus during the outbreaks:

1. Stay at home as much as possible, don't gathering, and don't go to places with a lot of people.
2. Maintain a distance of at least one meter in public area, don't shake hands, wave hands instead.
3. Disinfect the clothes when back home and disinfect the bottom of your shoes, leaves the shoes outside
4. Use clean tissue to touch door handles, elevator buttons or clean by protable disinfection gel
cell phones and keys also needed to be disinfected.
5. Wash hands with soap or a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol,please Follow these Steps to Wash Your Hands in the Right Way
6. Seek medical care early if you feel unwell or have the symptoms of cough,fever etc.
7. Follow these easy steps to wear face mask properly

You can use diluted 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer, or 84 disinfectant for disinfection