POWER-TIME's supports to Hubei Province

February 27, 2020

Pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus is spreading rapidly, and are very concerned by more than a billion Chinese compatriots. Although we cannot reach the front line, we are connected with all our compatriots, holding hands and helping each other.

As a corporate citizen, GPCOMM react promptly, When we learned that the front line of the battle was in short supply, our company immediately contacted the Material Coordination Department of the Hubei General Charity Association. Under the leadership of Chairman Xie Nianfei, the fellows of Shenzhen GPCOMM (Power-Time) perform efficiently and fulfill the enterprise's due responsibility and social responsibility, donated a total of 31,250 pieces of materials for Hubei according to the list of required supplies, and now it has been shipped!

Chairman Xie Nianfei said, "As long as we work together, we will be able to overcome the epidemic soon." Do our best to provide support for medical workers and the people at the front line. Shenzhen GPCOMM has expressed its corporate responsibility with practical actions. Responsibility and devotion.

In times of crisis, the short-term economic damage is an indisputable fact. GPCOMM is willing to break through the difficulties with all partners, actively self-help, and continue to resume production. This is a must as well as a business opportunity for GPCOMM and its partners. At present, GPCOMM has been approved by the government to resume production. Under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, we are rushing to make progress scientifically to meet everyone's needs to the greatest extent. We always keep in mind the safety of everyone when facing the epidemic,.

2020 is destined to be a year of great significance. Let us go forward hand in hand to work through the difficulties, win the battle without gunpowder as soon as possible, and welcome a brighter and brighter tomorrow!

We are in Shenzhen, we are from Power-Time, we are with you, and we hope that the people of the motherland will be safe, healthy and happy, Wuhan, come on! China, stay strong !
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